Syntax highlighting in Hakyll

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I am a complete newbie to Hakyll, so this post may be terribly incorrect, but I googled the problem and didn’t find any solution (see post scriptum note, though), so…

So the problem is: Hakyll is using pandoc to re-format things from, say, markdown to HTML. pandoc in turn uses pygments to highlight the code blocks. And it really does: if I write something like

fibonacci :: Integer -> Integer
fibonacci = fibo !!
    where fibo = 0 : 1 : zipWith (+) fibo (tail fibo)

it produces the following HTML code:

<pre class="sourceCode Haskell"><code class="sourceCode haskell">
<span class="ot">fibonacci ::</span> <span class="dt">Integer</span>
        <span class="ot">-&gt;</span> <span class="dt">Integer</span>
fibonacci <span class="fu">=</span> fibo <span class="fu">!!</span>
<span class="kw">where</span>
fibo <span class="fu">=</span> <span class="dv">0</span>
    <span class="fu">:</span> <span class="dv">1</span>
    <span class="fu">:</span>
    <span class="fu">zipWith</span>
        (<span class="fu">+</span>)
        (<span class="fu">tail</span> fibo)

(formatting is mine). But it doesn’t really highlight anything — i.e. code is still just black at white.

So Hakyll seem to wrap the code in different styling classes, but how does browser know that kw class should be displayed in, say, bold green? Obviously, you need some CSS describing how to highlight things. Unfortunatelly, the only way to get one is to copy web/css/syntax.css from Hakyll’s repo. I really wish there were some better way (generating it locally using pygmentize?), but I couldn’t find one.

Oh, yes: -fhighlighting receipe still applies, i.e. to get highlighting you may need to reinstall pandoc and hakyll with

$ cabal install --reinstall -fhighlighting pandoc hakyll

Hope this helps.

P.S. A kind soul named Anomareh put all pygments styles at Github (along with the script used to do so). Kudos to Vladimir Ivanov for pointing that out.

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